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Welcome to View the Race!


Welcome to viewtherace.com! At View The Race we are dedicated to providing athletes the opportunity to view race courses prior to race day. At VTR we provide you with video of the race course and course insight from racing veterans that have completed hundreds of events. We also provide course elevation charts, race information, and a wide variety of events to assist with your race selection process.

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Why VTR?

One of the first things anyone asks before they enter a race is..How is the course? At VTR we eliminate any anxiety about the race course by providing a video of the course in addition to course commentary by racing veterans that will guide you through the course. Why be satisfied with crude PDF files or maps that really do not give you any sense of the course. Watching a race video gives you a great feel for the course and allows you to mentally prepare for the upcoming challenge. Be prepared for your next event...View The Race Before You Do The Race!!

  • Are you tired of viewing crudely drawn race course maps or large files that are difficult to download and do not give you any sense of the race course?
  • Are you interested in seeing the race course before paying an expensive entry fee to determine if it is the best race for you?
  • Are you signed up for an event and would like to see the course prior to race day so you can be prepared?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then viewtherace.com is designed for you!

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