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Bobcat Memorial 5k: Race Win?

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
VTR Expert
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on Thursday, May 29, 2014
in Road Races

Memorial Day weekend for me usually means great rides in the Newfound Lake area of New Hampshire. This area is perfect for cycling and running. I always get some great workouts in and then play golf all afternoon each day. As I headed north on Saturday morning unfortunately it rained most of the way. I did not want to ride in the rain so I had to move to an unexpected plan B....The Bobcat Memorial 5k!

I had looked briefly for races in the area the week before and this was the only race I could find. The race did not have a website and very limited information so I had no idea what to expect. The race started at Plymouth High School in Plymouth, NH.


I signed up and headed to the start. The race had a small field (50-60 people) and soon after the race began I was running in a small group of 3 runners at the front. The course was rolling and primarily downhill for the first mile and I ran a decent and controlled pace for mile 1. (613) Soon after mile one I noticed that our small group was all alone and there was no one else in sight.

Around the 1.5 mile mark I ran into an issue that I have never experienced in a road race. The two guys I was running with slowed considerably and I went to the front. The issue was I could not run ahead because I had no idea where I was and the race was not marked. This forced me to stay with the other two guys even though our paced slowed to well over 7 minutes per mile.

Finally I figured out where I was and noticed a few signs for the race and decided to go ahead. I quickly dropped the other two guys and was leading the race! Soon after I was faced with a short but tough climb. I made it up and over and started hearing footsteps. To make a long story short I was passed around the 2.5 mile mark and ended up placing 2nd by 30 seconds.

After I crossed the finish line the race director came up to me and asked if I had won the race. I told her I came in second and she informed me that the other runner was in high school so I was the official adult winner. She congratulated me and told me the award was a t-shirt.

Did I win? In my opinion it is clear I came in second and I will take it. It was nice to actually lead a race for a length of time and be competitive right to the end. Regardless of whether the other runner was a student I was still the second runner to cross the line. With a small race like this with no awards or fanfare I guess it really doesn't matter. It was a fun and different experience to start my weekend.

I filmed the race so next year runners can View The Race Before They Do The Race!

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