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Running Fashion

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
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on Saturday, December 07, 2013
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I know nothing about fashion and never in my life has anyone mentioned I was "fashionable" or even that I wear particularly nice clothes. I usually dress in jeans and a nice polo shirt or sweater. I have been running and racing for over 25 years and there is something that has always bothered me. Why do runners feel a race t-shirt is appropriate attire for any situation? I go out to bars and restaurants all the time and I rarely see someone dressed in this manner.

Go to any running club function, house party, or dinner and you will see many people with the classic race t-shirt tucked into dress pants with a belt. Why is this? Do they feel that because they are at an event that is related to running that running clothes or a race-t are a must wear? Is it self-promotion?...Look at me I did a marathon so now I feel comfortable going out to a nice dinner with a t-shirt and dress pants. Is the race t-shirt considered some type of uniform? Is it possible they own no other clothing and rely on races to provide their wardrobe?

Not sure if it is better or worse but the other group you will see at these events is the people dressed like they are about to go out for a run. It could be 7:00 at night at a restaurant and they will show up in full running gear. Why?  You may even see the super classy compression socks or sleeves. Or how about the blue compression tape? You mean to tell me you cannot even get through a nice dinner without compression socks or tape?   Really??

I don’t think because I am a runner that I must wear running clothes when I go out to dinner or a party. A nice polo shirt and jeans/shorts is the way to go. I don’t believe because you are a runner that you have to wear running clothes 24/7. As the Christmas Party season arrives let’s make a point to class it up. Put away the race-t’s and compression socks. Show the world that you can be a runner and dress nice as well.

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