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Why advertise on VTR?

Advertising on our race video pages is a great way to target the right audience. We offer direct advertising where your ads can appear on all of our race pages or only appear on the race videos that match your target audience. Would you like to only advertise on a particular race? Type of race? When you advertise on VTR you determine exactly on which videos your ads will appear. We also offer advertising on our very popular blog pages.Target the right audience for your event! Advertise on VTR! Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us and get started today!

Banner Advertisement

The green and blue blocks on this page are examples of the positions where banner advertising is available on VTR along with current monthly pricing.

  • Blue Ad Spaces: The banner ads in these positions are displayed on ALL the race pages and ALL the blog pages on VTR.
  • Green Ad Spaces: The banner ads in these positions are ONLY displayed on a single race page and NOT the entire website. The advantage of these ads is that you can target your ad to a specific race where most visitors to the page will be actual participants in the race. NOTE: We offer discounted rates if you would like to advertise in the green spaces on more than one race page.

All ads need to be provided in the correct size and require VTR approval before being displayed. We can assist you if you need assistance with the creation of an ad. Contact us using the form below and we will answer any questions you may have. 

Sponsor an Article

If you would like your event, race, product, or service featured in one of our blog articles, please get in touch. If we believe that your offering would be of interest to our readers, we would be happy to include it in a blog article, or review it on our site.

Contests and Giveaways

We would be happy to help promote your event or race by hosting a contest or giveaway on A typical giveaway post will display some information about your event or race, link to your website, and allow you to give away your product/service.

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Contact Us

If inquiring about banner advertising, let us know which banner position you are interested in and use the upload field to send us your banner image. If you have any questions or need assistance with the creation of your banner ad, we will be happy to assist you, just be sure to leave us a message with your questions or comments.

Online Payment

If you know what banner space you would like to purchase you can CLICK HERE and pay online.

If you have any questions, special requests, or need assistance with banner design, please contact us before making payment. You may use the form below or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact Us About Advertising on VTR

ADVERTISE HERE for $25 (630x90)
This banner space available for individual race detail pages only.
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ADVERTISE HERE for $25 (145x145)
ADVERTISE HERE for $25 (145x145)
ADVERTISE HERE for $25 (145x145)
ADVERTISE HERE for $25 (145x145)
ADVERTISE HERE for $35 (300x80)
Displays on ALL race and blog pages!
ADVERTISE HERE for $35 (300x80)
Displays on ALL race and blog pages!
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