Last week I heard someone say, "Where has the summer gone? The summer will be over before you know it." The complete tone of the conversation was depressing and made me feel like I should start unpacking my winter gear and running to the store for ice melt. You know the people I am talking about. The kind of people that thrive off the doom and gloom of life. Now I know the calendar says we are steadily marching through the summer months but I refuse to throw in the towel on this summer.


If you live in an area of the country that has cold, snowy winters this time of the year is to be especially savored. As we start progressing through the month of August thoughts about how little time is left this summer are hard to ignore. Before you know it the mornings will be a little cooler and the leaves will start to change. Labor Day and the start of school are right around the corner. Before you start packing your shorts away consider the other side of the coin. There are still almost 4 weeks before Labor Day weekend. What are you going to do with the next four weeks?

Have you gone for a run at the beach or around the lake?

Have you taken a long bike ride up the coast?

Have you hiked up that mountain yet?

How about that camping trip with the kids?

Have you had corn on the cob and hot dogs?

If you have not taken advantage of getting outside this summer due to the heat or a busy schedule make sure you get out there in the next few weeks. Go for a run/walk at the beach, plan a long bike ride, or just play a few rounds of golf. Get outside and enjoy the late summer/early fall weather and make sure you do not let this time slip by before it is too late.

Runners and triathletes know what I am talking about. Since everything we do is better done outside we tend to take advantage of every opportunity for outdoor activities. Thoughts of the bike trainer and the treadmill should be motivation enough to not waste a single day. Being active is so easy in the summer and many of us live a completely different lifestyle this time of the year.

If you haven't had time to make a memory this summer there is still time left. The next few months are some of the best of the year for running, walking, golf, hiking, or really anything outdoors. Get out there and have some fun! You will be glad you did!