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What is viewtherace all about?

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
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on Sunday, April 22, 2012
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The idea for this website started last fall when I was searching for an Ironman race to complete in 2012.  I'm turning 40 this summer, and I'm planning to complete my first Ironman as part of the "celebration".  Last fall I started researching Ironman races to decide which one to sign up for.  But even by scouring race websites I wasn't able to get all the information I would have liked to make this big decision.
Unfortunately this experience wasn't new to me. I've been completing road races and triathlons for over 25 years.  I love to travel to events, but I also complete a lot of events locally.  When I'm training for an important event, I try to prepare myself by learning as much as I can about the course.  If it's possible, I'll even drive the course before the event, so I know what to expect. 
However, driving the course is often not an option and relying on race maps and descriptions can be frustrating.  So I decided to create a product that offers runners, cyclists and triathletes a chance to preview a race course prior to the event. Viewtherace.com offers videos of race courses with commentary.  I'm launching the site with over 50 race videos and plan to build the race library by adding new videos every week. I'm excited about offering a product that will provide fellow racers with an up close view of the race they're training for or thinking about signing up for. Welcome to viewtherace.com and I hope my website can be a valuable tool in your race preparation.

And remember.....View The Race Before You Do The Race at viewtherace.com!!

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