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View The Race: One Year Anniversary

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
VTR Expert
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on Wednesday, May 01, 2013
in News



May 1st is the one year anniversary of View The Race! For the past year we have created race course videos with the goal of allowing athletes to "View The Race Before You Do The Race!"....As we celebrate our first year in business I am proud to say we have created 136 course videos representing 9 states and Canada. It has been a busy and rewarding year, and we have big plans to continue to expand our course video library in year two.

 We have also attempted to inform/entertain our fan base with 61 blog posts over the past year. Subject matter has been varied and has covered juice fasting, weight loss, race reports, triathlon swim anxiety, and running tips just to name a few. We will continue to provide information through blog posts. I hope you have found a few of them informative or possibly just made you laugh or shake your head at some of the crazy ideas we discuss.

Special thanks to all of our 1000+ fans on Facebook, John Childs (MA RRCA State Rep), Claire Cloutier (Double C Racing), and some big events that really supported us in 2012....Vermont City Marathon, Manchester City Marathon, Maine Marathon, Feaster Five, Conquer the Bridge, Wallis Sands Half Marathon, Westford Road Race, and Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon. (just to name a few...we have had a ton of support)

Maybe you have seen one of our videos but are not aware of everything View The Race offers. We currently offer the below services to race directors to improve the quality of their event:

Course Videos

We film road races, triathlons, cycling races, and swim events of all distances from 5ks to full Ironman events.

All of our videos include:
- high quality video of race course
- course narration describing race and course by racing expert
- background music
- video page with race information and elevation chart
- free promotion of your race on View The Race calendar/website

How much does this cost? Due to the wide variety of events we film we do not have set prices. Our pricing is based on the length of race, location, and course requirements. Our prices range from as low as $150 (local 5k/5mile) to as much as $800+(long distance events).

Contact me for a free price quote!  ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Race Websites

View The Race also designs websites. Our websites are geared to providing athletes all of the information they need on race day. I have seen thousands of race websites and nothing is more depressing than being unable to find important info about your upcoming event. We ensure this doesn't happen by providing all of our race directors a questionnaire with all of the possible info needed for their event. We ask the right questions to ensure athletes will be provided with the right information.

Our high quality race websites are designed by our Creative Director, Jerry Paquette, who has over 20 years of experience designing websites. (including the VTR website) His extensive experience allows him to create a unique feel to every website.

After speaking with race directors we realized that many race directors have limited budgets and do not have the expertise to manage their race website. Due to this fact all VTR websites include complete website management as part of the sale price. After purchasing the website, race directors supply us with all of the information needed to create the website by filling out the VTR Website Data Sheet. After the new website is created all future changes are communicated by sending in an updated VTR Website Data Sheet or simply by sending us an email with the needed update/change.

Never again as a RD will you have to worry about finding someone to update your website or figure out how to make time to update your website. This allows Race Directors to do what they do best....Manage the Race! Let us take care of your website!

Our websites cost $600 and include hosting and a free domain name. Want to see a couple of examples?



Race Registration

VTR also offers race registration. Now we know there are a lot of companies that offer this service. We are not the biggest company or the most experienced, but if you are looking for a company that can handle your registration needs and will respond promptly to your concerns/questions then consider using VTR as your registration provider. To help promote our new service we are offering our website at the low price of $149 if you use us as your registration provider.

Contact me today for more info! ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Want to see what our registration page looks like? Click on the register button on the website below.


Below is a video of some of the places we have been in year one. This is the video I am featuring at the RRCA Conference this year in Albuquerque.


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Good Times 5k Spring Series Race Report

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
VTR Expert
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on Wednesday, April 17, 2013
in Road Races

After a day of tremendous sadness over the senseless violence that was inflicted on our beloved Boston Marathon, the Good Times runners towed the line on most likely the first organized road race after the horrific events of April 15th. Runners are a resilient group by nature and almost 400 showed up on Tuesday night to show support for the innocent people whose lives were changed forever on Monday. Race Director Dave Camire had some moving remarks prior to the start of the race and asked runners to observe a moment of silence.

Like many of you I was devastated by the news of a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately acts of senseless violence seem to be happening all too often. The sheer evil required to plan and carry out any of the recent mass shootings and the bombing at the Boston Marathon is beyond comprehension. There is no valid reason as to why someone commits these acts. Senseless violence doesn't make any sense. The only thing we can do is to hold the  perpetrator of each act accountable, increase our efforts on prevention, and make sure the victims of these acts have the full support of our nation.


The Race

This week's race was a unique event named the Rose Maguire's Great Mill Girl Chase 5K. In this event the women start the race first and 2:30 later the men start. The overall winner of the event receives $100, man or woman. This is a fun event for all. Even though I am not in competition for the $100, my focus is always to try to catch my wife before the finish line. I have done this race several times before and beat her for the first time last year.

This race is challenging to me for a few reasons. It is not just the 2.5 minutes that is tough to make up. I am used to starting in the front. When you start in the front and typically finish in the top 20 there are not usually many people in your way. In this race the men need to weave through many of the 200 woman that started ahead of them. There are many narrow sections of the Good Times course (check out the course) and this is always challenging and can really slow you down.

The race started and I waited the interminable 2:30 before I could begin. After running sub-par times for the first two weeks I decided to run without a watch. I like to run by feel in the shorter events. In a 5k I'm always running a 100% effort, so seeing my mile splits doesn't help me run faster. I caught up to the first large group of women fairly quickly and had a tough time navigating for about half a mile. At one point I was flying down the left side of the road third in a line of three men. There was a large group of women in front of us and the lead guy quickly went further left only to find 3 benches blocking our way. Much to my surprise he jumped up on the first bench and then jumped from bench to bench, hit the ground, and kept running. I have never seen someone do this in a road race before. This was impressive but must have taken a lot out of him because soon after he was dropped.

I suffered for most of the race. I finally broke free from the crowds and tried to focus on maintaining a fast pace. At one point on the course as you cross the Aiken Street bridge you can look to the right and see the runners ahead of you going underneath the bridge. As I got to this point on the course I looked and saw my wife about 20 seconds ahead. Unfortunately my legs were close to the red line of effort and I didn't have much left. I tried a surge on the last straightaway in an attempt to bridge the gap. Up the final "S" curves I could see her just ahead of me but the bottom line is I just couldn't do it. She ended up beating me by 4 seconds. However, I did run my fastest time of the season 19:58. Good Times!



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